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*  Customer Testimonials *

I had a 60 minute facial. I love the line of products they use (Skin Script). The environment is very conductive to relaxing. Most of all I liked Amy. She has a gentle but firm touch. .

                                                                            - Dori B. 1/26/2017 on Square

I absolutely love coming here for many reasons. Primarily it's because of Greg and his massage technique which is out of this world! He knows to use the best deep pressure while keep you totally relaxed as he works out any back issues. The prices are great, plus the place is so tranquil and they are just so friendly as well as very accommodating!

- Jacquelin L. 4/27/16 on

What a wonderful experience at The Time 2 Relax with both Greg and Urszula. They are skilled professionals with great energies. While being able to pin point problem areas and massage them firmly, these two really offer a time to relax and rejuvenate. The whole place feels wonderful and Greg and Urszula truly give you the feeling of a luxurious experience. I highly recommend them!

- Erwin M. 5/5/15 on

My partner and I regularly go to a competing chain, but like to try different places and different masseuses if/when specials are offered. We rarely ever think of going back. However, something VERY different happened today when we visited The Time 2 Relax. BOTH of us LOVED our massages, the entire experience, and the energy from the place and from Greg and Urszula. We will definitely be back and HIGHLY recommend it to others! Go - You will not be disappointed.

- Scott R. 5/5/15 on

Urszula is as professional as it gets. Filled with knowledge and the ability to pin point the problem areas, she has put me on the path to recovery. Having suffered injury resulting from an accident, I depart feeling rejuvenated and truly lIke I am healing. Her hands are magic. Highly recommended !!!!

- Michael M. 10/23/14 on

I admit it. I was one of the customers who internet-"stalked" Greg when I found out he was no longer working at his former spa. Luckily, I easily found his new spa and just had a massage today. It was even better than I had remembered! I have had a lot of massages - in Europe, the South Pacific, etc, but I have to say he is one of the best I have ever met. In fact, I have a pinched nerve in my neck and for the first time in months, I felt respite from the pain and tingling in my arm. Greg and Urszula are skilled and professional. I highly recommend them!

- Aminda H. 11/4/14 on

Wow, I am beyond mind-blown with my experience.  I had my massage done by Urszula, and she was amazing. I have never been to a massage before, and I was extremely nervous. Urszula did an amazing job of making me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed.  I am defiantly coming to this place again!!!!!

- Iza M. 3/2/14 on

My first time at "The Time 2 Relax", was a wonderful memorable experience.  The time I walked in, I was greeted with warm and friendly faces.  We had tea and chocolates. It was so nice to feel welcomed.  Since last March of 2013, I have been seeing Greg almost every month at another spa. However,  my office had me traveling for several months and I was away too frequently.
   I was way over due for a full body massage. Naturally I called the Greg's old spa and discovered he was no longer there.   I was very upset to hear the news.  As time went on, I said to myself, "I am going find Greg".  It took me 2 days searching the internet. Finally, I found him & made an appointment. You can't believe how happy I  was to get in contact with Greg!
   I get a lot of stress built up in my neck and shoulders; Greg does an amazing job with getting all the kinks out of my stress zones. I feel such a relief from every knot in my neck & shoulders he gets out. As he releases the knot, it is a "WOW" feeling. You can feel the stress melting away. The pressure is perfect.  He knows how much pressure to apply from head to toe.  Greg is definitely a well, seasoned, experienced masseur.
Seeing Greg is like taking a mini vacation, he leaves you feeling Totally Relaxed & Stress Free.

- Amy Y. 3/5/14 on

I have tried dozens of therapists in my life. The day Urszula did my first massage was the day I knew what a true good massage should feel like. She's amazing! She knows exactly how to get rid of my aches & pains! Always on time, professional, caring & always leaves me feeling rejuvenated & refreshed! I have been telling everyone about The Time 2 Relax!!!

- Salma L.  3/2/14 on

OMG!!!! I think GREG needs to insure his hands!!!! What an INCREDIBLE massage!!!! I've been getting massages for almost 20 years and he is truly by far, one of the BEST!!!! Not only is The Time 2 Relax "spa like", it's VERY COMFORTABLE!!!! Both Greg & Urszula are amazing!!! I will be sending ALL MY FRIENDS & FAMILY here....I hope I can get my appointment!!! :)

- Bonnie S. 2/24/14 on

"Urszula was FANTASTIC. Very aware of post-marathon muscle soreness issues. Very engaged to ensure the pressure was right. A great experience." 

- David W. 1/17/13 on

"Greg is A. MAZE. ING.  Professional, courteous, really listens to what I want/need during the pre-massage discussion.  I have literally never gotten another massage that holds a candle to Greg"

- Kristen B. 10/2/13 on

I have gotten many deep tissue massages from Urszula on house call appointments.  She is very experienced, always on time, professional, kind and understanding.  I recommend her to all of my friends and family.

- Bianca 1/27/14 on

"Greg is just amazing! I have joined the monthly membership because of him. I was hesitant to write this because I am afraid I won't be able to fit in an appointment if word gets out about him! I recommend him to anyone who has injuries or chronic back pain."

- anonymous 7/28/13 on